One in Four Podcast

Humanize. Educate. Elevate. Conversations on the re-entry process of people who have experienced incarceration. Author and scholar Michelle Alexander said that, "The system of mass incarceration is based on the prison label, not prison time." Learn what barriers people who have paid their debt to society face when they come out of prison and return to their communities. We all have a role to play to promote a more just society, one that is not forever punishing. You too can offer "second chances" to individuals who come out of prison. As one of our podcast guests said, "we are not monsters, we are humans who want to do the right thing and contribute to society." Become and agent of change! Start by educating yourself about the formerly incarcerated and the impact that mass incarceration has on families and communities. Subscribe on all major podcast apps. The One in Four production team is comprised of enthusiastic and talented individuals: Bea Spadacini, Host, Producer and Writer; Tim Nicholson, Visual Artist and Co-Producer; Michael Balasia, Sound Engineer. Senior Advisors: Tara Libert, David Sampe, and Kadija Clifton.